How it works

Booking a bicycle rental online is slightly different to normal shopping online, as we require security/deposit for the bicycle's return. This deposit is automatically set when you make the booking online. You will receive notification you have entered into a future pay agreement with ourselves. This agreement will terminate automatically shortly after the hire period ends. Please note; this agreement does not take money from your bank account. 

Important: between 10am and 10.30am most days we are very busy departing our guided tours. If you come to rent a bike during this time, we thank you for your patience. 
Touring Tandem for longer rides

Touring Tandem

Wheel Size: 

If you are going more than a few miles pottering around London, and want to take in a full day or multi day ride, or are participating in a charity event, then this bike is for you! It has a back rack, mudguards, and quality schwalbe tyres for a longer, better ride.

Frame size: Front 50-52cm/19-20", Rear 41-45cm/16-18" 

Hourly rates: 

Minimum 1 day hire

Daily rates: 

£60 1st day £40 (days 2 & 3) £20 (days 4 & 5)


Weekly rates: 

1st week £200, Extra weeks, £100 per week