How it works

Booking a bicycle rental online is slightly different to normal shopping online, as we require security/deposit for the bicycle's return. This deposit is automatically set when you make the booking online. You will receive notification you have entered into a future pay agreement with ourselves. This agreement will terminate automatically shortly after the hire period ends. Please note; this agreement does not take money from your bank account. 

Important: between 10am and 10.30am most days we are very busy departing our guided tours. If you come to rent a bike during this time, we thank you for your patience. 
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  1. Bike collection and return is from our hire centre: Nearest tube/rail = Waterloo,
  2. Bike delivery is not available
  3. Bikes can be collected from 11am on Saturday 10th June 2017
  4. Bikes must be returned to LBTC by 6pm on Saturday 10 June 2017.
  5. The discount hire terms do not apply to Specialty, tandem or Road Bikes; if you require one of these, phone or visit LBTC.
  6. The seat cover is provided as part of your booking and can be collected when you pick up the bicycle.


Hourly rates: 

One price, £14.00

Pickup from 11 AM.
Return by 6 PM

Daily rates: 

One price, £14.00

Pickup from 11 AM.
Return by 6 PM

Weekly rates: