May 2015

Tips for safe cycling in London

 With summer approaching and more people tempted to take to the roads on their bikes, it’s important to stay safe in our city where bicycle road deaths are still worryingly prevalent. We want to encourage everyone to get on their bikes, but it’s essential that all cyclists, both new and experienced, play safe and try not to exacerbate the tensions already apparent between cyclists and the motorists with whom they share the roads.

May treats in London

It’s finally that time of year again when summery activities start to re-kindle and London starts to tingle with a certain kind of solar powered energy and life. Bicycling around the capital becomes a whole lot more enjoyable and the smiles on everyone’s faces exemplify the relief that winter is over once and for all.

In celebration of the return of summer here are some of the events we’re most looking forward to this Maytime.


Chelsea Flower Show - 19 May 2015 to 23 May 2015