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04.12.20 - 03.01.21
3:45 pm from
3 hours
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The Christmas Lights tour is a festive ride that will guide you beneath London’s brilliant displays. Experience London at twilight on one of our tours for a Christmas you’ll never forget!

Meet your tour guide at our bike hire centre on Kennington Road. We will equip you with a suitable bike, a helmet (optional), lights, and a free Santa hat! The tour will go at a leisurely pace with plenty of time to stop for photographs—so don’t forget your camera! Your guide will also be equipped with a boombox, blasting some traditional carols and your favourite Christmas hits! 

As the sun goes down, London is transformed into a city of lights. You will be taken through the quieter streets and cycle paths of London, through bustling Christmas markets, across the stunning Gothic Palace of Westminster then into the alleys of Kensington and Chelsea. There you will see how the upper-class live in one of the richest yet charming areas in the world.

The shopping area of Sloane Square shines as you pass through on your way to the iconic Harrods building, burning bright with over 10,000 bulbs! You will then follow the cycleways of Hyde Park, passing the famous Winter Wonderland, until you reach the West End.

Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, and Covent Garden are all doused in Christmas light, the streets flooded with an electric glow. You will then make your way back through Soho, Seven Dials and finally over Waterloo Bridge with the panoramic view of the city twinkling before you.