Great guide great tour

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Took a private tour with Charliene on May 30. Charliene is a great guide. The private tour booking on the website is really easy. You propose a date and tour and it immediately puts you with an available guide. The tour was very affordable--a surprise for London. The "Old Town Bicycle Tour." It stays kind of East. Off the beaten path. More or less from the Tower bridge east. Seemed perfect since I've spent a lot of time in Westminster and around the parks. It was a fascinating tour. She set a perfect pace and her explanation of the stops was very interesting. I give her the highest marks. A highlight was our rest stop at the Prospect of Whitby pub, arguably the oldest in London and overlooking the Thames. We stopped at the Borough market as well and learned something of its ancient history. A great half day. See my photos. Give me a helpful vote (1st July 2017).