For Sale

Bikes for sale 2021

Price: from £90.00

Alloy frame.

Wheel size 700c

Single speed.

Dynamo front hub.


Rear rack.

Puncture proof tyres.

3.5  years old.

Male frames available. (Steel)

Price: from £50.00

Small persons or child bike. Suitable for people under 5’2”

Female frames available. (Steel)

Wheel size 24inch

18 speed.


Rear rack.

Puncture proof tyres.

Further information.


Of course these bikes are not as shiny as demonstrated in the pictures.

They have had a good service history.

They are second hand bikes, therefore no guarantee.




To view the bicycles you have to make an appointment, as we are currently closed.

Email contact, felix@londonbicycle.com


Phone contact, Rob, (020) 7928 6838.