Save upto 40%

Although the weather may beg to differ, Winter is well and truly upon us! That can only mean one thing... Christmas! We believe Christmas is a time for spending time for friends and family, and what better bonding experience than a private bicycle tour?

Due to the success of our bicycle tours last Winter, we are dropping our private tour prices down from £160 for four people to £99 to ensure everyone has the option for a tour, even when we are fully booked. This is a massive saving (a decrease of upto 40%!) which is only bookable through our site. This works out even cheaper than joining an open tour!

If your party is bigger than four, no worries as we are also dropping the price for extra people from £27.95 to £24.75 per person. 

This offer will run from December 1st to March 31st, and applies to all tours booked in this period.