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Vladimir Mechanic
london bicycle repair shop


Emil and Vlad.

Emil, our head mechanic, has been with London Bicycle for over 10 years. He lives and breathes bikes. He knows the business inside out. He probably built your bike (unless you bought it from argos).

Every batman has a robin. That's Johnny!

Johnny is Emil's brother called Vladimir.

Vlad moved to London in 2014 to chase the sun and the prestige of working in London's greatest bicycle repair establishment, that is very difficult to get into, unless you have a brother called Emil who already works here.  Vlad has over 10 years experience as a bike mechanic.

Now we have a new member of our team called is called Desmond, Dez for short. He tells us, that he is half Jamaican, we're not sure we think it's just acting. (that's his trade) He is the invisible one, hiding out the back polishing frames and chain rings so that you can see your face in them.

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