How it works

Booking a bicycle rental online is slightly different to normal shopping online, as we require security/deposit for the bicycle's return. This deposit is automatically set when you make the booking online. You will receive notification you have entered into a future pay agreement with ourselves. This agreement will terminate automatically shortly after the hire period ends. Please note; this agreement does not take money from your bank account. 

Important: between 10am and 10.30am most days we are very busy departing our guided tours. If you come to rent a bike during this time, we thank you for your patience. 
Child Seat

Child Seats

Child seats are seats that perch behind the adult, suitable for children up to 3 years old. They are free with the rental of a traditional bike. Crossbar seats attach to the cross bar so the child sits in front of the adult. They can only be attached to male traditional bikes, as they have a higher crossbar. Free with the rental of a male traditional bike. To reserve Child seats or Crossbar seats, please contact us.