What do you offer with the London Pass/Go City?

The London Pass and Go City is only available for The Classic Gold Tour AM, The Love London Tour and the Original Tour PM, in English only. (The afternoon tours have been suspended but will be back this spring.) 

  • While we are happy to accept walk-in customers who are holders of the London Pass or Go City, however this is subject to availability.
  • Reservations made with us in advance via the below method will be prioritised over walk-in customers.
  • All customers reserving via this method must present a valid London Pass or Go City QR code when checking in prior to the tour.
  • Children must be at least ten years old to join open tours.
  • The London Pass or Go City cannot be used for one event per voucher.
  • The London Pass or Go City is not valid for Private Tours and cannot be exchanged/traded for a discount towards Private Tours.

To book with the London Pass or Go City follow these instructions.

1) Follow this link. 
2) Choose your bike ride
3) Enter your email address for ticket delivery in the field provided, hit 'Next', and then follow the instructions to complete your contact information and agree to the terms and conditions.

I don't see any tours available

The booking platform will open availability to London Pass/Go City users when there is a regular booking on the day you are looking at.
If you don't see what you are looking for please check back closer to the time you would like to ride with us.

I have booked a ride, but plans have changed.

Every ride that we take, has a maximum capacity, therefore it is very important you inform us that you are not going to attend. This will allow other people to join instead.