Bikes on Public Transport

Cycles on Public Transportation in London


See a map of where you can take a non-folding bike on the Tube

Tube line

Folded bicycles

Non-folding bicycles



Both directions outside peak hours, and:

  • Queen's Park to Harrow in morning peak

  • Harrow to Queen's Park in evening peak



Outside peak times in either direction between:

  • White City and West Ruislip/Ealing Broadway

  • Leyton-Epping

  • Newbury Park/Woodford and Hainault



Outside peak hours



Outside peak hours

East London

Line closed until 2010

Line closed until 2010

Hammersmith & City


Outside peak hours



Outside peak times in both directions between:

  • Finchley Road and Stanmore

  • Canning Town and Stratford



Outside peak hours



Outside peak times in both directions between:

  • Edgware and Colindale

  • Hendon Central and Golders Green

  • East Finchley and High Barnet/Mill Hill East



Outside peak times in either direction between:

  • Barons Court and Hounslow West/Uxbridge

  • Cockfosters-Oakwood



Not allowed

Waterloo and City


Not allowed

  • Peak hours are Monday-Friday 07:30-09:30 and 16:00-19:00

  • It is free to take your bike on the Tube

  • You must not take a non-folding bicycle onto a moving escalator

  • You cannot take a non-folding bicycle onto any rail replacement bus


You can take a folded bicycle as long as it's ok with the driver. The rules are the same for pushchairs and larger items of shopping and luggage.

Docklands Light Railway

You can only take a folded bicycle, and it must be totally enclosed in a cover.

London Overground

You can take a folded bicycle at any time anywhere on the network.
You can take a non-folding bicycle on the following sections of the network:

To/from London Euston

 You can take a non-folding bicycle on all trains except those:
• Arriving at Euston between 07:00-10:00 on weekdays
• Departing from Euston between 16:30-19:00 on weekdays

Willesden Junction-Gospel Oak

You can take a non-folding bicycle on all trains except those travelling between 08:00-10:00 and 16:30-18:30 Monday-Friday. 

Gospel Oak-Blackhorse Road

You can take a non-folding bicycle on all trains except those travelling between 08:00-10:00 and 16:30-18:30 Monday-Friday. 

Richmond-Willesden Junction

You may take your bicycle on all trains but we recommend that you do not travel with a non-folding bicycle during peak times Monday-Friday as trains can be very busy.

Clapham Junction-Willesden Junction

You may take your bicycle on all trains but we recommend that you do not travel with a non-folding bicycle during peak times Monday-Friday as trains can be very busy.

Gospel Oak-Stratford

You may take your bicycle on all trains but we recommend that you do not travel with a non-folding bicycle during peak times Monday-Friday as trains can be very busy.

Blackhorse Road-Barking

You may take your bicycle on all trains but we recommend that you do not travel with a non-folding bicycle during peak times Monday-Friday as trains can be very busy.

Rail replacement bus services for London Overground

You can only take a folded bicycle on rail replacement buses, not a non-folding bicycle. 


You can take any bicycle on any London boat service at any time.


Please ask the company you are booked with about travelling with a bicycle.


Tramlink only takes folding bicycles - no container is required, although bicycles must be fully folded.


(formerly LTS Rail)

Routes: London Fenchurch Street - Southend Central & Shoeburyness
Folding bikes:  Enclosed in a container or case   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

c2c welcome bicycles free of charge on services where they can be accommodated safely. Bicycles are not permitted on weekday services that arrive in London between 07.20 and 10.10 or leave London between 16.30 and 18.40. If you plan to travel with a group of three or more cycles, please contact the Helpline on 08457 678 765


Routes: London Marylebone - Aylesbury, Stratford on Avon & Birmingham Snow Hill
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Bicycles are welcome on Chiltern Railways but not on trains arriving at London Marylebone or Birmingham Snow Hill between 07.45 and 10.00 or departing London Marylebone or Birmingham Snow Hill between 16.30 and 19.30 Monday to Friday. Restrictions apply to all intermediate journeys. Bicycles are carried free and without reservation.

Tel: 08456 005 165  (information & telesales)

East Midland Trains

(formerly Midland Mainline and parts of Central Trains)

Routes: London St Pancras - East Midlands & South Yorkshire, plus Liverpool - Norwich cross country
Folding bikes:  Unrestricted, but bikes must fit into luggage racksTandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Former Midland Mainline services have been rebranded East Midland Mainline (Route 1) and cycle carriage rules tightened up. The company says space is limited, which it isn't because EMT has inherited High Speed and Meridian trains, which are relatively well off for bicycle space. In any event, you must now book in advance, and we're told that bookings will not be accepted into or out of London at peak times.

Minor services inherited from Central have been rebranded East Midland Connect. On the primary route from Liverpool to Norwich (Route 2), reservations remain compulsory. On other minor routes (Routes 3 and 4), trains carry only two bikes and reservations are not possible, so bikes are carried on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority going to disabled passengers.

Interesting point: EMT very fairly points out that it i s unable to carry tandems or tricycles on the East Midlands Connect services, but claims they cannot be squeezed into Mainline services too and from London. Not strictly true, because the HST is quite roomy enough.

To make a reservation, you are supposed to download a Cycle Booking Form, fill it in and email it back to

Reservations: 08457 125 678  or visit the website, download the booking form and email it to (unnecesarily cumbersome, surely?)


Routes: London Waterloo & Ashford International - Paris, Brussels & Lille
Folding bikes:  Must be bagged - very compact machines will fit in the overhead racks   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted, but tandems which split or break apart are. Note, however, that the two halves must be made into a single parcel, or the £20 charge doubles to £40.

Passengers can carry folding bicycles on board, but the bike must be packed in a 'regulation size bike bag' (the maximum allowable in France being 120cm x 90cm). The bag must be carried as part of the normal luggage allowance, clearly labeled and placed on one of the racks in the vestibule. A reular traveler has pointed out to us that as long as it can be shoe-horned into the bag, the bike doesn't nactually eed to be a folder. Unusually, compact machines such as the Brompton can also be carried on the generous overhead racks. For those travelling with a full-size machine, the bicycle travels separately by the registered service at a cost of £20 per cycle each way. We've been told that it is now possible to book the bike on the same train: the booking service opening 10 days before departure, and bookings being available as late as 60 minutes before departure, but Eurostar says there is no such service!

A useful tip if travelling further afield by high speed train is to change at Lille Europe if possible, rather than Paris, as many long-distance services stop in Lille, giving a cross-platform change. Cycling between termini in Paris is rather like London - about the same distances, and with similar traffic levels.

Tel: 08705 850850

First Capital Connect

(formerly Thameslink and part of the WAGN franchise)

Routes: Brighton - Gatwick Airport - London - Luton Airport Parkway - Bedford (cross-London services)
London (Moorgate & Kings Cross) - Stevenage, Cambridge, Peterborough & Kings Lynn
Folding bikes:  No special restrictions on folding bikes (other than the note above)  Tandems and tricycles:  Are still carried on HST Services


The official rules are unchanged, but First Capital Connect is now forcing folding bike customers to fold their bikes before passing through the barriers (see also attempts by Southern and Southeastern). The company claims that this has always been the rule, but it has not previously been enforced. Owners of Bromptons and other folding bikes that can be wheeled should bear in mind that they ARE allowed to wheel the bike on its rollers. There is no actual compulsion to CARRY the bike.

Thameslink is happy to carry bicycles between Bedford and Luton Airport Parkway inclusive at any time. Elsewhere, the company cannot carry bicycles on trains travelling towards London that arrive in London stations between 07.00 and 10.00 (Monday-Friday), or on trains travelling away from London departing from London stations between 16.00 and 19.00 (Mon-Fri). Cyclists are asked to use the section of the train with tip-up seats, identified by a cycle symbol on the outside of the train. Interestingly, Thameslink does not mention that bikes are now banned in and out of Brighton at peak times (see Southern entry). Other restrictions:

  • Monday to Friday on services south of Stevenage (Kings Cross/Moorgate routes) and Broxbourne (Liverpool Street Routes) that terminate in London between 07.00 and 09.29 or depart from London between 16.00 and 18.59.

  • Monday to Friday on services between Royston and Ely that depart from or arrive at Cambridge between 07.45 and 08.45 (except the 07.15 and 07.45 departures from King's Cross)

  • Any time between Drayton Park & Moorgate (this doesn't apply to folding bikes)

Tel: 0845 026 4700

First Great Western

Routes: London Paddington - Bristol, Reading, Oxford, South Wales, the Cotswolds & the West, plus local Westcountry services
Folding bikes:  Enclosed in a container or case   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

FORMER GREAT WESTERN: Advance reservations are free, and can be made up to two hours before the train begins its journey, or before 18.00 the day before if the train starts before 10.00. Reservations are no longer obligatory except on services arriving in London between 07.00 and 10.00 or departing between 15.00 and 19.00. Up to six bicycles (still including one tandem on most services) can be accommodated in Coach 'A' of High Speed Trains

FORMER THAMES TRAINS SERVICES: On local services fromerly operated by Thames Trains, bike carriage is much less restrictive, and bikes can generally be carried on all off-peak services in the carriage vestibules, provided they do not inconvenience other customers. However, on Mondays to Fridays, bicycles may not be carried on trains advertised to arrive at London Paddington between 07.45 and 09.45 or to depart Paddington between 16.30 and 19.00. Note this is now HALF AN HOUR LATER, but it still only applies to journeys made between Reading and Paddington inclusive.

FORMER WESSEX TRAINS SERVICES: On these local trains in the Westcountry, up to two bikes can be carried on a first come, first served basis, space permitting. On most long-distance services reservations are free. As a general rule, these trains include most trains linking Penzance, Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton. Bikes CAN be carried on these services without a reservation provided the guard can find space, but if a bike with a reservation is then brought on board, you may be evicted. On other local trains, bicycles cannot be booked, and are conveyed 'subject to space being available'. The 'two bikes per train' rule is interpreted differently by individual guards - some will allow much larger numbers, even on peak services, but some will not. Groups of cyclists should treat rush-hour or peak summer season trains with caution.

Locomotive-hauled trains with proper guard's vans operated until recently from Cardiff to Brighton and Bristol to Weymouth. These have been withdrawn, but a summer Saturday loco-hauled train is running once again between Bristol and Weymouth on summer Saturdays, offering plenty of cycle space.

Interestingly, fGW is now organising bike hire, initially from Reading and Cheltenham stations in co-operation with On Your Bike (see, and with a scheme pending in Bristol. (bikes spread between Temple Meas and Parkway).

Meanwhile, First Great Wwestern is trying to get a bclearer picture of how, why and where customers cycle. You can help by taking part in the survey at: - click on 'Travel Survey' in the left hand margin. There are prizes, including a folding bike (hope it's not the one fGW was promoting a year or two back) and a pair of Eurostar tickets.

Tel: 08457 000 125

Gatwick Express (now merged with SouthCentral)

Grand Central

Routes: London Kings Cross - Yorkshire, Hartlepool, Sunderland
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

'Cyclists are welcome!' says Grand Central. The fleet of High Speed Trains carries up to six bikes in the 'country end' power car, free, and without the need to book. Short platforms at Eaglescliffe, Thirsk and Hartlepool mean that guards will put cycles to and from these destinations at the London end of the train. Surely that means the true capacity is 12 bikes? Well, yes it does. The company has also gone to some lengths to say it will welcome tandems and trailers, (provided they do not exceed one metre in any dimension), but not tricycles, although they could probably be pursuaded, if you have a fairly compact machine. All indicative of the 'can do' attitude of this new operator. Cheap fares, oodles of legroom, and plenty of bike space to York and the Yorkshire coast.

Tel: 01904 633307

Heathrow Connect

Routes: London Paddington - local stations to Heathrow Airport
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Cycles are carried free, except on trains due to arrive in Paddington between 07.45 and 09.45, or departing between 16.30 and 18.30, Monday to Friday. The operator reserves the right to limit bicycles at other times if trains are busy. TIP: If travelling to Heathrow with a bike, you can save a lot of money by getting off at Hayes & Harlington and cycling the last two miles.

Tel: 0845 678 6975

Heathrow Express

Routes: London Paddington - fast to Heathrow Airport
Folding bikes:  Plenty of luggage space for folding bikes. Compact machines fit the overhead racks   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Limited accommodation is available for cycles on Heathrow Express services, for passengers flying with their cycles from the airport. Heathrow Express reserves the right to limit the number of cycles conveyed on each train to no more than three at busy times. Cyclists not travelling onwards by air may also use the service to and from Terminal 4, subject to space being available for airline passengers.

Tel: 0845 600 1515


Hull Trains

Routes: London Kings Cross - Grantham, Doncaster, Selby, Brough & Hull
Folding bikes:  No Restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Hull Trains welcomes cycles on all services. Although it is advisable to make a free reservation in advance, it is also possible to turn up and travel with your cycle subject to space being available. Up to two bicycles can be carried in the Train Manager's Office in coach 'D'. Please ring 0845 710 222 (08.00-22.00 Monday to Friday, 08.00-18.30 Weekends and Bank Holidays) to book.

Tel: 08450 710 222

Island Line

Routes: Isle of Wight only
Folding bikes:  No Restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

The smallest, friendliest and most reliable railway company in the UK, Island Line operates aging Underground trains on the Isle of Wight. Up to four bicycles may be carried free and without booking at the Shanklin end of all trains, subject to the discretion of the guard. In practice, the number carried off-peak is sometimes much greater.

Tel: 01983 562492

London Midland(formerly Silverlink and parts of Central Trains)

Routes: London Euston - Birmingham, Birmingham - Liverpool and local services in the West Midlands
Folding bikes:  Folding bikes are allowed on all services, but London Midland has recently followed Southern's lead by insisting that bikes are carried on the station concourse. Latest news is that this restriction has been eased.   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

Cycles are carried free of charge on all off-peak services Restrictions apply Monday to Friday 07.00 to 09.59 on services to London Euston and 16.00 to 18.59 on services leaving London

Tel: 08456 024277

National Express East Anglia

Routes: London (Liverpool Street) - Norwich & Harwich International, plus local services in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  The timetable notes are mistaken - tandems are STILL carried on former Anglia and Great Eastern long distance trains. Or not? Latest reports suggest that tandems are banned. Come on 'one'! Make your minds up!

Hurrah! The ludricrously-named 'one' has gone, to be replaced by the equally ludicrous National Express East Anglia. Are we supposed to call it NEEA? East Anglia? Or the whole mouthful? Even worse, the cycle carriage rules have been tightened up, quite without justification, because the trains are the same.

Up to four cycles are still accepted on local trains, and the spacious long-distance trains still accept six. Free reservations are obligatory on services to London (not sure if that includes local journeys outside London), and reservations are also 'encouraged' on local trains. We're not sure whether ticket holders still receive the benefit of the unique 'one' Anglia/ETA cycle recovery scheme - if your cycle breaks down or is stolen in the 'one' Anglia area you will be recovered and taken to the nearest station. On mainline services to destinations south of Colchester, the cycle carriage fee is £3 per single or return journey (reservation essential). According to Jonathan Denby (Head of Corporate Affairs) , "tandems are still carried on 'one' Great Eastern emus, 'one' Anglia loco-hauled sets and 'one' Class 170s". In practise, this should mean all long-distance trains in the area, but some confusion remains.

Note that Anglia is running its own reservation line from a call-centre in Norwich, so a call to the company should be routed to someone who really knows the network.

Tel: 0845 600 7245

Routes: London (Liverpool Street) - Southend Victoria, Colchester & Ipswich
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  We suspect tandems are no longer carried on long distance trains.

Bicycles are welcome free of charge on non-inter city services where they can be accommodated safely. At busy times, on trains arriving in London (either Liverpool Street or Stratford) between 07.45-09.45 and departing London or Stratford between 16.30-18.30 Monday to Friday, bicycles are banned. And the older rolling stock used during peak hours on certain trains has been withdrawn, so there are NO exceptions. However, bicycles may be carried at any time north and east of Shenfield. Big deal! (Note that NEEA's publicity appears to show that bicycles are banned both inbound and outbound in both the morning and evening peaks, but this is not so. The ban is only with the commuter flow.)

Routes: London (Liverpool Street) - Stansted Airport
Folding bikes:  Folding cycles must be fully folded and contained in a 'protective carrying case'. In practise, a light cover will do, but be discreet!   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

Cycles are not conveyed at any time, unless they have been flat-packed for air travel.

Routes: London (Liverpool Street) - Stevenage, Cambridge, Peterborough & Kings Lynn
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

Cycles are conveyed free of charge where they can be accomodated safey. However, they are banned:

  • Monday to Friday on services south of Broxbourne or Shenfield that terminate in Liverpool Street or Stratford between 07.45 and 09.45 or depart Liverpool Street or Stratford between 16.30 and 18.30. These restrictions apply to all intermediate journeys.

  • Monday to Friday on services between Audley End, Cambridge and Ely in either direction between 07.45 and 08.45

(Note that the ban is only with the commuter flow.)


East Coast(formerly GNER & National Express East Coast)

Routes: London Kings Cross - Yorkshire - North East England - Scotland
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  May no longer be permitted


Bicycles were carried free of charge on all trains under GNER, and the rules haven't changed much. Advance reservations were essential on GNER services, and spaces, which were subject to availability, had to be reserved at least 24 hours before departure. A maximum of five cycles can be carried per train. Tandems count(ed) as two cycles. The electric trains used on most services have been refurbished, a move that has reportedly increased bicycle capacity to six per train. Recently, of course, this very important Anglo-Scottish franchise has begun to collapse, and is expected to be taken into Government hands soon. In its diyng days, there have been some odd decisions, one of which involved the carriage of tandems. Well, they WERE allowed, then they weren't, then they definitely were, and now it appears they are NOT allowed anywhere on NXEC. So we can't say for sure, but writing in mid August 2009, it seems tandems are banned. Hopefully, the franchise will stay in Government hands and be restored to something like its former glories. The only good news is that National Express East Coast has introduced an online cycle reservation scheme for itsown services, that also appears to work for other operators. A great step forward:

Tel: 08457 225 225


Routes: London - Kent & South East England
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Not permitted

Cycles are carried free on all services except those timed to arrive in London between 07.00 - 10.00, or due to depart 16.00 - 19.00 Monday to Friday. These rules apply on any part of the journey, with the following exceptions: Subject to space, you may board peak time trains beyond Gillingham, Otford, Tonbridge or Redhill, if travelling to stations in East Sussex or Kent. Southeastern is now in the hands of the people running the Southern and London Midland franchises, which have been particularly harsh on folding bike owners, but we are assured that Southeastern is definitely bike friendly!

Tel: 0845 000 2222

Southern(incorporating Gatwick Express)

Routes: London - Surrey, Sussex & South East England
Folding bikes:  Folding bikes are carried free of charge without restriction, but from 2006, folding bikes 'bigger than a Brompton' have ocassionally been turned away and Brompton owners forced to fold their bikes at the barrier and carry them to the train, particularly at London Bridge, Victoria and Brighton. However, as of early 2009, this tough policy seems to have been dropped, but if you have problems on Southern territory, please do let us know.   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

A 'limited number' of cycles are carried free on all services except on trains due to arrive into London Victoria, London Bridge or Brighton between 07.00 and 10.00, or due to depart from London stations or Brighton between 1600 and 1900 on Mondays to Fridays. Reservations for cycles are not required. Former Gatwick Express services now run through to Brighton, and have considerable luggage capacity, but are now bound by the same peak hour rules as other Southern services.

Tel: 08451 272920

South West Trains

Routes: London Waterloo - South West London and South West England
Folding bikes:  May be carried at any time, free of charge, provided they 'can be stowed as luggage'.   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Formerly a haven for cyclists, the South West Trains area has seen increasing restrictions as new trains are introduced. Currently space is limited on trains from Waterloo to Salisbury/Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth; between Reading and Brighton; between Totton and Romsey (Southampton); and on most Waterloo to Southampton trains. Reservations are obligatory on all but some Waterloo to Southampton trains, but booking is now free. Note, however, that if you have booked a cheap 'Megatrain' ticket to Southampton or Portsmouth, you will not be entitled to travel with a bicycle, even on a train where bicycles are welcome. A few other specifics:

LONDON SUBURBAN AREA: Bicycles are banned from boarding trains trains due to arrive at Waterloo from 07.15 to 10.00, or depart Waterloo between 16.45 and 19.00 Monday to Friday (note the slightly extended ban duration) within the suburban area bounded by Dorking, Reading, Hook, Alton and Guildford (previously Woking). A 'nod and a wink' policy existed for many years on the ground, and bikes were usually allowed aboard at the guard's discretion, but according to reports, this is no longer the case. There is now also an OUTWARD BOUND ban on trains leaving Clapham Junction between 07.45 and 09.00 Monday-Friday, as far as Clapham Junction, Strawberry Hill and Feltham.

LONDON-SALISBURY-EXETER: Once simple, but now rather complicated due to the variety of stock working this line. Bike space can vary from two upwards. Generally speaking, longer trains on longer journeys will convey more bicycles.

LONDON-GUILDFORD-PORTSMOUTH & LONDON-SOUTHAMPTON-WEYMOUTH: These lines are now worked by Class 444 (5 car) and Class 450 (4 car) trains. The Class 444 offers six cycle spaces situated in the 3rd and 4th coaches (counting from 1st class, which is almost always at the London end). Cycles must not be placed in the disabled space, in the door areas (except by agreement with the guard), or behind the drivers door. The shorter Class 450 officially offers only two bike spaces, but with careful positioning three or fours can be squeezed in, and the guard will usually allow this, provided the gangways are not obstructed. The only exceptions to these rules are when travelling too or from three stations with short platforms - Bedhampton (London-bound platform), Beaulieu Road and Shawford. Cycles should usually be placed in the first door of the 2nd carriage in the direction of travel .

PORTSMOUTH-NETLEY-SOUTHAMPTON: This line is unusual because the number of bycycles in the peak is controlled by the guard. Thus the cycle allocation may be as much as ten one day (two per doorway), or as little as four the next, depending on the guard and the number of passengers. Bicycles must be held by their owners and allow passengers to move freely around the

Tel:    Reservations: 0845 6000 650

Virgin Trains

Routes: London Euston - West Midlands, North Wales, North West England & Scotland
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

West Coast services carry up to four bikes, with a free compulsory advance reservation system.

TIP: To escape Virgin's blood pressure-raising automated telephone booking system, say 'agent' at the start. This, we're told, should put you through to a nice lady in Scotland.

TIP: When making a cycle booking, use the Virgin Customer Services number (0870 789 1234 ) rather than the ticket line (08457 222333)  But be warned - if you're adding a cycle reservation to an existing ticket, the telephone staff will give you a reference number to present at the station. A cyclist has recently been turned away at Euston trying to board with the number only. Staff may insist on a bicycle reservation ticket... More than their jobs are worth, etc etc

TIP: Voyager and Pendolino trains carry a yellow rectangle at the opposite end to the bike space. This is usually at the 'country' (ie furthest from London) end of the train.

Tel: 0845 000 8000

Brittany Ferries

Routes: Southern England - France & Spain
Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Brittany Ferries have recently introduced peak-time cycle fares on all routes. Cycles travel free from October to March, then at £5 per single crossing on the following routes: Portsmouth-Caen or St Malo; Poole - Cherbourg; Plymouth - Roscoff. On the UK - Spain routes, the company charge £7.50 per single crossing, rising to £10 in peak season. There are no special restrictions on folding bikes.

Tel: 0990 360360

National Express, Silver Choice & Megabus Coaches

Routes: Wide-ranging national coach operator
Folding bikes:  No restrictions but we would always recommend keeping the bike well covered and treating as normal luggage  Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Bicycles must be packed flat and wrapped up.

Stena Line

Folding bikes:  No restrictions   Tandems and tricycles:  Unknown

Route: Fishguard - Rosslare, Republic of Ireland

There is no charge for bicycles, but it is advisable to confirm that space is available in advance. Folding bikes travel without restriction, but you are advised to carry the bike as hand luggage. As with an airline, luggage is thrown into the hold. Strangely, you could be better off NOT folding the bike and just riding aboard.

Route: Fishguard - Rosslare, Republic of Ireland

Stena now seems to carry bicycles on all ferries on the Harwich-Hoek van Holland route, subject to a fee of £7, bookable via the website where you'll find a tick-box for 'bicycle'.

Other Routes:

Unless you can tell us otherwise, we know of no charge for bicycles and no booking requirements.

Tel: 01233 647047


We are not responsible for any outdated or inaccurate information.