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Cathrine was a great tourguide

15 Jan 2020

I was several times in London before - an never got such a good overview and inside infos about this vibrint city than those provided from cathrine. Can only recommand this 3 hour bike tour

Complete brave tour

13 Jan 2020

The Christmas Lights Tour surprised us by its length and depth. It really covered it all at peak Christmas time, Dec. 23rd evening! From Sloan square to Oxford street, from Seven Dials to Hide Park. Amazing!

Amazing experience

11 Jan 2020

Ollie was a great guide and made sure that no one gets lost along the way. Thank you for an unforgetable experience!

Amazing Tour

9 Jan 2020

Nadja was phenomenal!! Really enjoyed it. Went at an easy pace. Saw really cool things around the city.

Catherine was wonderful

7 Jan 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Lights tour. Catherine was a wonderful guide who minded the group very well. She kept us safe and gave us great directions through some heavily trafficked areas. We were allowed plenty of time to take photos and breaks. She gave nice background information about the areas we were in.

Excellent tour guide, Eilen.

5 Jan 2020

We took during the day the london tour. Our guide, Eilen, told many new things, took us to places we never been before. Equipment was all new and very safe. Because we were very enthousiastic we decided to take another tour the very next day!
Again with Eilen we took the light tour. We saw again new things in Londen and shs showed us a restaurant were we went later in the evening to eat there Japanees!! She was right it was delicious! Without Eilen we would never found that restaurant. Next time we will book another tour. In a couple hours you see many things in London.

Christmas Lights Bike Tour

1 Jan 2020

Absolutely the best way to do the lights in London. Our guide Olly was very informative where required and adapted to the group who were also very nice. There was a mixed group of about 10, couple of families (including a 10ish your old child), couples and singles. Cycling through London was much easier than I'd anticipated, there's a lot more cycle lanes than i remember and drivers were pretty considerate where there weren't dedicated cycle lanes.

Execellent tour

30 Dec 2019

One of the top tours to see London in a different way. Birgit was an excellent guide. I am trying to check in in another tour today!!


28 Dec 2019

I joined the Christmas Light tour on 23 Dec, it was amazing. The tour guide was great! He was very nice and patient, told us a lot of history about London and our tour over-run almost an hour. It was wonderful experience. Highly recommended!!!!!!!


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