Bikes for Sale! A guide to buying second hand rides in London

Bikes in London were never a huge thing. London is a city dominated by cars, trains, and buses. People rely heavily on public transport for getting to and from work, and are accustomed to having to plan around a bus schedule or train timetable to plan their day trips on the weekend or nights out in the city. Contributing to this pattern as both a cause and effect was the perception that cycling was unsafe, that roads were packed with dangerous drivers and heavy vehicular traffic.

New Kennington Road Blog - Let's Make History Together!

In one week, the London Bicycle Tour Company will make history. Wednesday 27th June will make the first day the company operates out of our new location, located at Lambeth Towers, 74 Kennington Road, London SE11 6NL.

Get On Your Bike To Sketch Natural London!

London is well known for being a busy, densely populated urban environment, but it may come as a surprise to discover that 47% of Greater London is designated as green space. What better way to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the wild side of London than with a sketch pad and pastels?

By The Water: Best Canal And River Bike Rides In London

London is one of the world’s most popular cities for cyclists, and it’s believed that over twenty million journeys are made on bikes here every year. But as the Canal & River Trust reports, it’s not just old-fashioned streets or guided group or private tours which cyclists in this city can enjoy. With seemingly endless options for getting out and about near the rivers, canals, and waterways which the city has by the bucketload, you can enjoy some fresh air and gorgeous surroundings.

Brilliant London Bike Cafes

London have embraced cyclists, with TfL planning new strategic cycling routes across the city, there are even more places to explore. TfL are committed to making cycling priority, increasing the physical fitness of Londoners.

Love is in the Air - Valentine's Day Tandem Ride for Couples!

In one week, it will be Valentine’s Day - the most romantic day of the year, and a chance for people of all creeds, codes and sexes to come together and celebrate mankind’s greatest accomplishment - the power of love.


Here at London Bicycle Tour Company, It also just happens to be one of our favourite dates in the calendar. Our bicycle tours are a great novel idea for couples, no matter what day of the year - we regular have people on first dates riding with us, as well as older couples who have been together for years.


Puncture Proof!

As the managers here at London Bicycle Tour Company, my colleague Pierre and I deal with all incoming correspondence here at the Wharf, and work hard to answer questions and provide as much info as we can to our customers in-store and to everyone going out on a bike tour with us. Understandably, some questions come up more than others, so I’m going to address the main one we get here.

What happens if we get a puncture?


A Bicycle Built for Two

Here at London Bicycle, we’re a firm believer that bicycles help to bring people together. Running several different guided tour routes all around London throughout the year, people from all around the world get together and mingle to take in the sights of London on two wheels. Friendships are formed and memories are made - but sometimes, romance can be on the cards!



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