London Bicycle Tour Co - Vs - Boris Bikes

Boris Bikes (Santander Cycles) started in 2010 and can be found at unmanned docking stations around central London. These bikes are great for some people, but to make sure you make the right choice we made a list of comparisons, between hiring from London Bicycle or hiring a Boris Bike.

  London Bicycle Tour Co Boris Bikes

Bikes to choose from

  • Mens or Ladies

  • Range of different frame sizes

  • 24 Speed Hybrid Alu

  • 6 Speed Traditional

  • 24 Speed Mountain bike Alu

  • City Sport Bikes Alu

  • Children's bikes

  • Tandems Alu

3 speed traditional style (25kg).


  • Locks

  • Helmets

  • Maps

  • Panniers

  • Ponchos and more


Helmets available?




£3.50 per hour up to a max of £20 per day

First half hour free then £4 per hour, up to a max of £94 per day.

Longer hires

£50 for the first week. half price second week, £20 each additional week.

Max 24 hours (£94)

Friendly personal Service?



When you can rent a bike

10.30am-6pm, 7 days a week

Any time

When you can return a bike

Any time

Any time

Good for

All your Cycle Hire needs. Different types and sizes of bikes, plus helmets

Point A to point B quick travel in Central London


London's second largest fleet

London's largest fleet, but sometimes docking stations are empty (or full so you can't return).

Tip: Hiring a Boris bike is more expensive if you're hiring for longer than 2 hours.