My name is Zelda
I am a: 
Tour Guide
I am from: 
I speak: 
I live in: 
East London
In my area: 
Good food
I have worked in: 
Film props and prosthetics, and Hospitality
I love to go to: 
The beach
I go here after work: 
Victoria Park
My favourite food is: 
Everything, except olives.
I love to hang out at: 
Hampstead Heath
Later in the evening I like to: 
My London tips are: 
Best way to see London is on a bicycle. Check out open house weekend in September.. when you can enter all the official buildings for free!
My top cycling tip is: 
Don't cycle to close to a parked car, you never know who will open the car door from the inside.
Before you leave London you must see: