Our most experienced guide and speaker of six languages.


The big cheese from the city.

Operations Manager Pierre's motto is "Curly hair, don't care!" Eats snails and works slightly faster than one. 

Pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Assistant Manager, blog writer, and public relations guru.

Bike mechanic, occasional tour guide, and Village People enthusiast.

Felix is one of our longest-serving tour guides, and takes tours in English and German. He also has extremely impressive facial hair.

While her name is derived from the Latin serēnus, meaning "clear, tranquil, serene", her bicycle tours are action-packed and full of history and information!


Horrible at Fantasy Football.

Blonde bombshell from the Netherlands, likes black moustaches and yellow submarines.

If Pierre and Kiwi are the wheels of London Bicycle, Elona is the pedals keeping them going. She looks after all our agencies and accounts, and is just pretty fantastic.

Crocodile Dundee fan, Howard Donald enthusiast, and Trello addict.

Meet Gwen, one of our Dutch-speaking tour guides hailing from Rotterdam.

Charliene is one of our longest-serving tour guides and takes tours in Dutch and English. Her knowledge of London is unparalleled and well, she's just great really.

South African born and London made, his name is synonymous with 'Giving amazing bicycle tours'.

Corrine is our brand new guide, who will be leading tours in English, Dutch, and French!

Last in the alphabet but definitely not in the tour guide rankings!

Meet Miriam, our Dutch, German, and English speaking tour guide! Hobbies: Fine Arts and closing her eyes for photographs.

Entertainer, teacher, promoter, graphic designer, music producer, and Wu Tang Clan enthusisast. The host with the most!!!

Percussion player, poem provider, and Primrose Hill partisan. Has been known to sleep on beaches.

Meet our magnificent Mediterranean - speaker of three languages, and climbing enthusiast.

Actor, dark chocolate enthusiast, and fan of Vietnamese cuisine.

We <3 Lorato is an anagram of <3 Waterloo - which, coincidentally, is the closest train station to our location on Gabriel's Wharf!