When visiting London, you must not get swept up in shopping and forget to visit our beautiful parks! And what better way than by bike? Parks are a great place to cycle for those of all abilities, but especially those who may be new to cycling or the laws of London's roads. 

Firstly, I must mention Hyde Park - Hyde Park is a gentle 20 minute bike ride from our base at 74 Kennington Road. This is the most cycle-friendly of the Royal Parks as it has fewer restrictions on where cyclists may ride. It is massive and flat, so a great place to practice your cycling in a scenic location. This is also a nice ride for those with children, given the ease of the ride. There is so much to see here - such as memorials, fountains and statues honouring Britain's history, the Serpentine Gallery and any floral enthusiast's dream - The Rose Garden. St James' Park and Green Park are very nearby, so it's a very convenient location for more cycling.

Battersea Park is also a scenic option south of the river with much to do - there's even a children's zoo inside the park, making it a great option for a family day out. It's less busy than the parks previously mentioned with fewer restrictions on cyclists, so may suit those who are new to cycling more.

For those who want to visit another area of London and see local hangouts, look no further than East London. Victoria Park is a huge park with wide paths and a playground - a great place to go with children. Why not stop for a bite to eat at The Pavillion Cafe and look over the beautiful lake?

A few minutes ride from Victoria Park is the Olympic Park - respectively, the home of the 2012 Olympics. Ride around the park and take in the sights of the home of the Olympics, such as the Aquatics Centre. If you are a seasoned cyclist you could even visit the VeloPark - whether you're into track cycling, road racing, BMX or mountain biking, you're welcome. 

Hire a bicycle from us today to visit London's parks on wheels!  Of course, if you'd like to visit London's parks with someone who knows their stuff... come on one of our tours! Our Love London tour will take you through St James' Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and beyond.