Christmas Lights and William Blake

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ah, the renaissance man is alive and well and escorting adventure seeking tourists on bicycle tours through the crowded streets of London during the Christmas season! Our bike guide Ollie and his rollicking joie de vivre was the highlight of our time in jolly ole England. We were a family of 6 from Canada and we were joined by another family of 6 from Mexico and at the helm was our fearless leader Ollie who wheeled and peeled us through holiday rush hour traffic and hordes of frenzied shoppers with festive tunes blaring from his bluetooth speaker. A wonderful goodwill ambassador for his beloved city, Ollie is a historian, a patron of the arts, a lover of literature and cinema, it was only fitting that he ended our 4 hour tour (some of us were slower on the wheels) expounding the verses of William Blake. Highly recommend this attraction and our exceptional guide.