Much better than a bus tour

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I was planning a weekend trip to London with my 12 year old daughter and looking for an activity for the Sunday on the Tesco clubcard days out site when I came across this. Booked with clubcard Boost so paid only a third of the published price in clubcard points which was excellent value. We both enjoy cycling but coming from the countryside would not have the confidence or the geographical knowledge to navigate around London by bike by ourselves. George (Jorge?), our guide was fantastic. We never felt unsafe and he constantly checked that the group (8 altogether, mostly American, and apart from my daughter all adults) were still together and ok. The route was mainly interesting little back streets and cycle paths. For crossing busy roads, we crossed as a group so you didn't have to worry. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the areas he showed us and also provided many other recommendations of places to visit in London. There were lots of stops and opportunities to take photos. Rather than queue for an hour or more to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, we were taken to a spot where we had a prime view of the guards marching to go off duty without the crowds or the waiting.
Also a thank you to the nice lady in the office at the Bike Company who held the group back for a few minutes as we were late arriving due to my complete ineptitude at map reading ( I told you I couldn't navigate ) couple with some of the tube stations being closed that day. They saw us coming down the road and had our bikes ready for us with seats at the correct height so that when we arrived so we could just grab a helmet and set off with the group. The bikes were good - no gears but you don't need them in London, in good order with effective brakes and equipped with lights and a bell (which you probably will use as some of the cycle paths are shared with pedestrians).

You do need to be able to ride a bike and ideally have some idea of road rules and safety but no great skill or endurance needed. I would recommend this to any able bodied person who prefers outdoor activities to indoor ones. You get a good dose of history as well!