1. Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon

The defending champion on whom the whole of Britain had pinned their tennis hopes has crashed out in a shock loss to Grigor Dimitrov and once more Britain feels disappointed in our nations inability to deliver the sporting goods. There's always next year, but in the meantime there's Le Tour!

2. England is out of the World Cup

Why we even thought we had a chance is beyond me, but somehow we manage to delude ourselves every four years that our green and pleasant land has a chance in hell of making tracks in the World Cup. We should stick to cycling as we all know that’s where we excel after our resounding victories at the glorious London Olympics.

3. Le Tour is on our very doorstep

This year the opening stages of this epic event are careering along British roads so it’s easier than ever to get a slice of the action. Find out where to watch the race here and cheer on our boys in a sport we know we actually have a chance at packing some punches in.

4. We’ve got some British cycling greats taking part

Although Wiggo isn’t donning a jersey for this year’s tour, we have Mark Cavendish the speedy sprinting goliath and Chris Froome who came second only to Wiggins in last year’s tour. He’s determined to make it to the front this time and we are going to be supporting him all the way to the finish!

5. Everyone loves a bit of lycra

Especially when it contains muscular thighs and solid gluteus maximi! Whether you’re watching the real thing in France or Britain or just catching the odd glimpse on the telly, don’t miss the chance to marvel at the lengths a human body can be pushed to and to ogle at those calves of steel.