June 2014

Lewisham goes hipster at Lewisham Model Market

The people that brought you Dalston Street Feast have worked their charm on an area whose charm I once thought lay in the fact that it didn’t really have that much charm at all (and wasn’t trying to either) – Lewisham. 

Hoping for a revolution something like that achieved in Brixton Village – now a thriving gentrified hotspot with gourmet delights galore – the Street Feast team have created an open air eating, drinking and dancing experience in another disused market, but this one's incongruously in the heart of Lewisham.

5 reasons to get on yer bike this weekend

It’s Bike week

All this week so there are loads of great events happening all over the country. You can get involved charity bike rides, bike festivals, bicycle maintenance workshops and more. And there lots of activities for kids to enjoy too. Check out the full range of events here

The forecast is mighty fine