July 2014

10 reasons why London's great in the summer

1. Everyone’s in a good mood and the city sparkles.

Every city looks better bathed in sunlight and London is no exception. Joyful people line every street, riverside and canal drinking in the summer rays and/or alcoholic beverages. The Thames has a twinkle in its eye and the people a skip in their step. Even the bus drivers crack a smile once in a while! I always rediscover my love for this magical city when the summer starts to sizzle.

2. Outdoor cinema

Where to watch the World Cup Final this weekend in London

If all the excitement, joy, despair and passion haven’t overwhelmed you yet, we’ve got some tips on the best places to catch the final between Argentina and Germany in London happening this Sunday.

If the weather holds out, an open air viewing could be just the ticket. Here are our favourites:

5 reasons to watch the Tour de France this year

1. Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon

The defending champion on whom the whole of Britain had pinned their tennis hopes has crashed out in a shock loss to Grigor Dimitrov and once more Britain feels disappointed in our nations inability to deliver the sporting goods. There's always next year, but in the meantime there's Le Tour!

2. England is out of the World Cup