South East London’s Deptford is fast becoming a hotbed of creativity and alternative culture so it was only a matter of time before they started showing it off for the world to see.

The weekend of 31st October sees the launch of Deptford Stories, a festival celebrating the legacy of some of the artistic legends of Deptford, continuing until 16th November. Past, present and future will rub shoulders with  each other in the form of art, theatre, music and history. Curated by experimental arts space, Harts Lane Studio and organised in collaboration with Goldsmiths University, the event will be an inspiring and eclectic display of mixed media installations, from sculpture and prints to light displays and textiles.

The launch weekend has plenty to titillate the senses with sounds provided by Lit FM on Friday and JD and the Longfellows and Booty Swing on Saturday, and culinary delights laid on by the infamous hog roast soundsystem guys, Pig and Rig. Thirst-quenching local ales courtesy of Brcokely Brewery and coffee and cocktails from the Black Cab Coffee Co will also be on offer.

There will be performances by Liam Fleming’s immersive theatre group throughout the weekend and on Friday evening they will re-enact Shakespearian bard Kit Marlowe’s last night, whose death apparently occurred in Deptford all those years ago.

The event will take place in the empty warehouses and workshops of the former site of Arklow Road Trading Estate and with the help of a soundscape you can experience the sounds of the old foundry, complete with sound bites from George Arthur, a local man who worked on the site in the 1960s. 

For a cultural and historical Halloween alternative in the depths of South East London, this one’s for you.

Artists involved: Melissa Alley | Hermione Allsopp | Victoria Arney | Vanya Balogh | Clive Burton | James Capper | Edward Chell | Cedric Christie | Carla Cruz | Alex Culshaw | Mikey Georgeson | Lauri Hopkins | May Yeonok Jang | Caroline Lambard | Cedar Lewisohn | Teresa Leung | Amanda Loomes | Holly Owen | Matt Parsons | Sam Risley | Ellen Camilla Rose | Pascal Rousson | Paul Sakoilsky | Margot Sanders | Katie Surridge | Paul Tecklenberg | Oscar Tornincasa | Paul Tucker | Tisna Westerhof | Rosalie Woods.