We may have had the shortest day which means spring is supposedly on its way, but there are still a lot of dark nights to fill. This week London’s antidote to the many hours of midwinter darkness is Lumiere London - the biggest ever light festival to hit London.  And it’s totally free! 

For four magical nights London will be aglow with light installations created by the world’s most exciting light artists and iconic buildings will be transformed by the power of illumination. There's plenty to explore with installations popping up in various locations across Central London, focused around the areas of Mayfair, Kings Cross, Piccadilly, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square and Westminster. Why not hire a bike from us and explore the whole thing in one fantastical night of lights and sights. 

Here’s a run down of a few of the most exciting interactive and immersive installations that will be scattered across the capital this weekend between 6.30 and 10.30 pm every evening:

Garden of light

Made from recycled materials to make plant sculptures to create a glowing exotic forest in the centre of our concrete jungle - the ever bustling Leicester Square.


Piccadilly will be visited by an elegant troupe of brightly coloured glowing fish that float in the air like ethereal beings.

Light Graffiti

Try your hand at some digital street art in King’s Cross where, using your smartphone or any other source of light, you can decorate the area using a virtual spray can.

Phone box aquarium

The iconic red phone box so beloved of visitors to London has received a makeover in the form of a fish tank. Get yourself to Mayfair to admire the unconventional aquarium full of colourful tropical fish and be mentally transported to warmer climes.


Regent Street will be home to a giant trumpeting elephant for the next four days. You will find this alluring being stomping its way through the archways of Air Street every evening this weekend.