As the colder weather sinks in, there’s something to warm your cockles this week courtesy of London Wonderground. But you’d better book quick as the last events are tonight and tomorrow!

Enter the mystical magical circular Spiegeltent next to the River Thames and you enter a world of music, madness and lots and lots of laughter. If you have ever been to a Celidh before you will know what I’m talking about.

In my experience chaos normally ensues as soon as the pipes start piping and the dancers start spinning uncontrollably. I’m sure there’s meant to be some method to the madness, but when most of the dancers are unseasoned Celidh-ites the result is a whirlwind of flailing arms and legs and breathless exultation, and of course laughter.

This is Celidh is no different, and they add an extra dollop of comedy into the mix. In London after a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe, This is Celidh promises a night of riotous fun (and a considerable amount of exercise!) with some hilarious hosts, top class musical talent from the likes of Lorne McDougall – star of Red Hot Chilli Pipers, need I say more? – and the recipe for a party like no other.

Get booking before it’s too late!