It’s Bike week

All this week so there are loads of great events happening all over the country. You can get involved charity bike rides, bike festivals, bicycle maintenance workshops and more. And there lots of activities for kids to enjoy too. Check out the full range of events here

The forecast is mighty fine

It’s going to be a scorcher and there’s nothing better than London in the sun, on a bike. Rent one of our bikes and explore a part of London you’ve never seen before. Or take a tour – I suggest the Grand Waterways tour on a Sunday, taking you along the shady and serene Regents canal to Camden market’s hustle and bustle.

It’ll save you money

Why spend extortionate amounts of money on the tube or congestion charge to spend a sweaty hour travelling to your destination of choice? Bikes are free and fresh, and you can go at your own speed with no traffic constrictions or signal failures to contend with. If you don’t yet own a bike, our rental rates beat the tube prices at £3.50 an hour.

Your health will benefit

Not only will your happiness increase from the feeling of freedom and vitality a good cycle ride offers, but there are numerous other health benefits as well. People who cycle are half as likely to have diabetes as car drivers, and the cardio-vascular workout you get from pedal power will keep your heart and lungs healthy. Cycling at least 20 miles a week more than halves the risk of heart disease! And did I mention the toned buttocks and thighs you’ll be sporting after a few weeks of cycling regularly? 

It’s helping the planet

Bike’s are the green way to travel, creating no air or noise pollution and manufacturing a bicycle uses a fraction of the energy and materials used for a car. And they last longer! Do the green thing this week and use your bike instead of your car.

Happy cyling!