While the city is up in arms about the recent (and perpetual) price rises of London transport – 12 month rail passes are up by 2.5% along with a bunch of other increases across the board –  I continue to smugly ride my bike around the capital wondering why more people don’t take up this truly fantastic mode of transport. 

Aside from the obvious argument that it saves you vast amounts of money that other less enlightened folks are spending for the privilege of hurtling down a dark, stuffy tunnel with other commuters’ armpits in their face, there are so many other life changing benefits that all my fellow cyclists will surely attest for. Here are a couple of reasons why your new years resolution should be to ditch unreliable and overpriced public transport and get into the saddle.

Get fit without even realising

It doesn’t take many weeks of cycling every day to start feeling your legs, bum and tum firming up and yourself becoming one mean lean cycling machine. And the best part about this type of getting fit is that you’re sat down on your way to or from work the whole time! Sounds like a no brainer to me.

A time for thinking

Cycling gives you that thinking space and alone time that you never get on buses, trains or walking the busy urban streets. With your mind focused solely on the pumping of your legs and the road ahead you’ll be surprised at the amount of reflection and thought processing your brain can accomplish. What better way to cleanse your mind and soul before (and after) work?

Become part of a global cycling community

Believe it or not cycling can be a sociable sport if you want it to be. With countless cycling societies, charity bike rides, bicycle festivals and events going on all through the year, there’s no end to the possibilities of the people you can meet and connections you can make. I even know people that have met their partner through random romantic encounters from the seat of a humble bicycle. Whether you’re looking for love or not, becoming part of the ever-growing bike community in whatever way you want to, will never be something you regret. Come join us!

It makes you look younger

This one sounds too good to be true, I know, but scientists at Stanford University have studied it and confirmed it. Hurrah! Regular exercise creates an ideal environment within the body to optimise collagen production, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and speed up the healing process in the skin. Bingo!

It’s a great alternative date idea

If you’re looking for a unique and charming date idea, renting a couple of bikes is a sure-fire winner. If it’s a a slice of serenity you want try cruising the canals of East London, or for more cultural fare you can speed along Southbank and pick up some street food or catch some theatre along the way. A ride through some of London’s beautiful Royal parks could make sparks fly, or even try out discovering the backstreets of Soho together. Whatever style of date you’re looking for, doing it from the saddle of a bike is guaranteed to win them over for originality. We have some great rates on renting bikes so what are you waiting for?