Bored of your current wheels? Want a summer cycle revamp? It doesn’t have to mean forking out for a completely new model. We have loads of ideas how to make your bike look like and feel like an upgraded version without the price tag. 


1.   Get the spray can out

Something as simple as changing the colour of your bike can make it feel like new. Play around with patterns and colours. Our particular favourite for summer is tye dye style like this one!

2.   (be)Spoke decorations

That tinkle tinkle sound of  your spoke beads re-aligning as your wheels turn will remind you of being a kid again. Nowadays there are way more awesome varieties to choose from, from butterfly and star shapes to ones that light up and glow in the dark.

3.   Horn again

Bored of your bell? Upgrade to a honking horn and your approach will really be heard by all. We like the retro look of this one for a tasty price.

4.   Flashing wheel lights

Now this light invention is not only super cool, but it makes you safer on the roads too. Light yourself up from side on so people can see you from all angles. You can even get lights that write a message as your wheels spin! Watch this for inspiration.

5.   Colourful panniers

Rather than blending in with the usual boring coloured pannier on the back of your bike, you should take a look at these pretty panniers that double up as a funky handbag when strutting through the city.

6.   Wheelin’ good

A vital component of your bike and one that can be used creatively. We see a lot of these colourful deep dish bike wheels making the rounds in London and we like them a lot.

7.   Green is the new bike

Make your carbon footprint even smaller as you ride the roads complete with a small scale garden on board, in the form of these cute as a button bike planters.

8.   Glow in the dark spray     

With glow in the dark paint you can see your bike transform every evening into a mean, green glowing machine. And the bonus is you’ll be more visible and safer at night.

9.   Wooden handlebars

For a really unique look, think about replacing your handlebars with wooden ones. Classy and rust proof!

10. Get arty 

Admittedly this little gadget doesn’t really upgrade your bike, it’s just a great way to fill a Sunday afternoon with arty fun. These Chalk trails for bikes can provide hours of fun and will certainly jazz up the driveway!