Boris Johnson’s announcement about a major investment into segregated cycling in London is music to our ears here at LBTC. It’s about time London improved on its cycle infrastructure and with more and more cyclists taking to the roads according to new data from TFL, it’s a necessary development.

The so-called ‘cross-rail for bikes’ will link Barking with Acton via an east-west route, through the heart of London past the Houses of Parliament and along Embankment, as well as a north-south route linking King’s Cross and Elephant and Castle. It will make cycling in London safer and quicker and might even improve some of our tour routes!

Our Central Tour, usually taking a route along the Thames will benefit in particular. In recent summers congestion along the river has been a real problem, with hordes of aimlessly wandering tourists blocking the way and fighting for space. With the building of the Garden Bridge starting soon the congestion is only going to worsen, so it’s about time this issue is addressed. But it’s not exactly a quick fix, as even though work is set to start as soon as in 3 months time, the super cycle highway won’t be completed for at least 3 years.

The creation of such cycle routes poses certain questions and potential problems too. Will there be speed limits or special cycle path laws to be followed? With our tours having an average speed of about 3mph, will we be causing cycle jams with our leisurely pace and frequent stops for photos and sightseeing? How will this be addressed?  Interesting questions to ponder and no doubt ones that can be answered the nearer to completion we get. But great to see our Mayor beginning to take the cycling community seriously. Onwards and upwards!