The people that bring you delicious and ever-innovative ice cream flavours such as Phish Food and Karamel Sutra are now offering eco-friendly open-air film screenings for 3 nights only this summer. Starting on 31st July Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, in partnership with Firefly, will be providing the film-lovers of London a treat of cinematic proportions. And we're not just talking about the films. All guests will be able to enjoy unlimited helpings of Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade Cookie Core range of ice cream all night! For that alone the £10 ticket price is worth it's weight in ice cream.

The Big Ice Screening will be taking place on Clapham Common until 2nd of August, and will feature classics such as Ghostbusters and Dirty Dancing as well as more modern fare such as Inception. In line with Ben & Jerry’s campaign to tackle climate change, Save our Swirled, the event will be entirely powered by pedals, making it a top event this summer in the world of cycling. Don't worry, it won't be you doing the pedalling though as comfort comes first for the viewers. Choose from grassy sofas to lounge on, deckchairs to recline on, squishy beanbags to sink into or simply bring your own picnic rug and the rest is easy! There will be plenty of food and drink stalls to provide refreshment as well as games to entertain before and after the films. 

Get booking before the word gets out!