As the managers here at London Bicycle Tour Company, my colleague Pierre and I deal with all incoming correspondence here at the Wharf, and work hard to answer questions and provide as much info as we can to our customers in-store and to everyone going out on a bike tour with us. Understandably, some questions come up more than others, so I’m going to address the main one we get here.

What happens if we get a puncture?


Punctures are the arch-nemesis of the cyclist, and always seem to pop up when you’re least expecting them - and when, generally, is the most inconvenient! They can be caused by a number of factors - the colder conditions of winter, for instance, can be held responsible for an increase in punctures - worn tyres, or (most commonly) glass and debris on the road that get caught in the tyre and pierce it’s inner tube.


Naturally, sometimes this can occur on a bicycle tour too. That’s the bad news.

The good news, however, is that all our tour guides undergo rigorous bike mechanical training with a trained bicycle mechanic before they even hit the road for their first tour. Our guides are shown how to remove a wheel and inner tube, and how to fix or replace a punctured tube, as well as learning the basics regarding bike anatomy, They are tested regularly on their knowledge, and are offered retraining on an ongoing basis as and when is required.


So the simple answer is, if there happens to be a puncture on anyone’s bike during a tour, our tour guide will simply patch it up! It generally doesn’t take longer than five to ten minutes and can be a good break for participants to relax and take a few pictures.


Another significant announcement that will ease the minds of those worried about facing a puncture on tour is that today, Rob Graham, Director and Owner of London Bicycle Tour Company, made public that he is initiating plans to instal puncture-proof tyres across all bikes used for bicycle tours.


The new Michelin Protek tyres will negate the probability of punctures and enjoy a hassle-free ride for the guests - and the tour guide!


So if you’re worried about getting a soft tyre when on tour with us, don’t be - because Rob, Pierre, myself, and the rest of the team here at LBTC headquarters are working every day to make sure that you get the best quality experience on two wheels that London has to offer.