Feia Hemke (pictured here with Tarik DeVries), London Bicycle Dutch Tour Guides



"Strangers" by Feia, 


When I moved to London the city was as a complete stranger to me. Only vague memories were left from the two times I visited as a tourist.  But now it was going to be my home! before I left Amsterdam airport I remember that I read a quote by Samual Johnson in one my travel guides:‘ when a man is tired of London he is tired of Life; for there is in London all that man can afford’ . It made me curious for what London, with her world-fame, cosmopolite vibe and rich history could bring to me. I wandered whether this adventure of mine was going to be a pleasant one.

Many months later I can definitely say London didn’t let me down a minute; big and busy, ugly and beautiful, exiting and always adventurous. London is this city that triggers all your senses.   

Now I am privileged to share a bit of my adventure with strangers.  Enabling people from all over the world to enjoy (at least that is what I hope I can do) the city I enjoy so much. To reveal her majesty, vibration and mystics like she did, and still does to me.  For me every bike-tour is a little adventure. I meet complete new people from all corners of the planet and with the shared aim to have three hours of  ‘triggering our senses’  by London together. Seeing the overwhelming beauty of Saint Pauls cathedral and Westminster palace. Hearing Big Bens deep sound striking a calming eleven times. Listening to the street artists at Covent Garden. Smelling meat, blood and sweat at Smithfields. Tasting history in every corner. And for me: being surprised by all the unexpected and hilarious questions of customers.  And all of that with the sun on my skin (well, at least that was the case last week), and blood pumping through my legs. London lives and I can honestly be proud of her sometimes.

And when we return back at Gabriels Wharf, after three hours being guzzled, I hope I achieved that both the city and we are no strangers to each other anymore.  



Feia has been a Tour Guide with London Bicycle Tour Co since October 2013. She is a trained doctor from the Netherlands, and a friendly group leader with many interesting facts about London. Feia has won Tour Guide of the Month in December 2013 and March 2014. Guests always come back smiling after a tour with her.