Guest Tour Guide from Sotheby’s


One of our recent Love London Tours enjoyed a chat with a representative of Sotheby’s who spotted us stopped and came over to tell the story of Sekhmet, the sculpture that adorns the entrance to the auction house. You can see it in the photos just below the flag there. It seems he (the guy from Sotheby’s, not Sekhmet!) was happy to see that our tours were coming regularly through New Bond Street again after the long lockdowns and travel restrictions.

London's Rental Bike Options

Cycling is a great way to explore the vast city of London, and it definitely beats being stuck on the tube! However, it can be difficult to know where to rent a bike when it seems like there’s new options popping up everyday. This post will guide you through the most popular rental bicycles in London and give you an idea of the pros and cons:


Santander Cycles

Cycling in South Africa

The one and only Rob Graham (director of LBTC!) recently visited South Africa over the festive period, which inspired this blog post. He was looking forward to shark cave diving when he arrived in Gansbaai, but alas, there were no sharks... I guess bikes will do though! 

Rob took a 3-hour Fat Bike Tour in the wilderness of the sand dunes, a thrilling experience to really get the adrenalin pumping. Check out the picture attached!

The best of London's Christmas offerings


With Christmas fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can get your festive fix this Winter - no need to worry there, as London Bicycle have got you covered! We’ll be listing the best things to do in London this Christmas. There’s sure to be something for everyone!


Winter Wonderland:

Cycling in London: View from a Dutchie

I have been with London Bicycle for a year now and cycled around the city centre of London about 200 times. As a Dutchie, working on a bike in the city I live and love, seems one of the most logical things to do, as for my Dutch colleagues too. Together with our French, German, English, Spanish and Italian colleagues we thrive to give tourists the best experience possible on a bike touring through London.

The Best Parks for Cycling in London

When visiting London, you must not get swept up in shopping and forget to visit our beautiful parks! And what better way than by bike? Parks are a great place to cycle for those of all abilities, but especially those who may be new to cycling or the laws of London's roads. 

Bikes for Sale! A guide to buying second hand rides in London 2023

Bikes in London were never a huge thing. London is a city dominated by cars, trains, and buses. People rely heavily on public transport for getting to and from work, and are accustomed to having to plan around a bus schedule or train timetable to plan their day trips on the weekend or nights out in the city. Contributing to this pattern as both a cause and effect was the perception that cycling was unsafe, that roads were packed with dangerous drivers and heavy vehicular traffic.

New Kennington Road Blog - Let's Make History Together!

In one week, the London Bicycle Tour Company will make history. Wednesday 27th June will make the first day the company operates out of our new location, located at Lambeth Towers, 74 Kennington Road, London SE11 6NL.

Get On Your Bike To Sketch Natural London!

London is well known for being a busy, densely populated urban environment, but it may come as a surprise to discover that 47% of Greater London is designated as green space. What better way to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the wild side of London than with a sketch pad and pastels?


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