My bike is my freedom

So mobile and swift 

As I whizz around London

My spirits do lift


No more sweating on buses

Or battling the tube

My transport is biking

A commute with a view


No money is wasted

On overpriced trains

Except on those pesky

Dark days when it rains!


In the saddle I’m powerful

Streamlined and fast

Traffic jams don’t affect me

I cycle right past


Avoiding congestion

Is what bikes do best

As well as exploring

North, south, east and west


In the city my bicycle

Is a breath of fresh air

But riding in the country

Oh, nothing compares!


So if you haven’t already

Been inspired by Le Tour

To don the bright lycra

and bike out the door


I’m telling you now

It’s hard not to like

So what are you waiting for

Just get on yer bike!