January 2015

Vault Festival – the untamed underground festival starting today

January may be coming to an end but as you should know by now the entertainment in London is a never-ending conveyor belt of conviviality. And there’s a real corker swinging in to town this week and charging heartily onwards for a whopping 6 weeks!

London Short Film Festival all this week

Christmas and New Year are done and dusted but the nights are still cold and long. I feel your pain. But don’t despair! In London there’s always something to warm the cockles and wile away those wintery hours.

Starting this weekend is the London Short Film Festival, returning for a 12th year of creative and thought-provoking entertainment, in short and sweet form. As The Guardian eloquently put it, with short films “"You [can] experience 20 things in the time it takes to watch The Hobbit. Take that Bilbo!"

London transport increase? Get into the saddle!

While the city is up in arms about the recent (and perpetual) price rises of London transport – 12 month rail passes are up by 2.5% along with a bunch of other increases across the board –  I continue to smugly ride my bike around the capital wondering why more people don’t take up this truly fantastic mode of transport.