Get on yer bike!


My bike is my freedom

So mobile and swift 

As I whizz around London

My spirits do lift


No more sweating on buses

Or battling the tube

My transport is biking

A commute with a view


No money is wasted

On overpriced trains

Except on those pesky

5 reasons to watch the Tour de France this year

1. Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon

The defending champion on whom the whole of Britain had pinned their tennis hopes has crashed out in a shock loss to Grigor Dimitrov and once more Britain feels disappointed in our nations inability to deliver the sporting goods. There's always next year, but in the meantime there's Le Tour!

2. England is out of the World Cup

Lewisham goes hipster at Lewisham Model Market

The people that brought you Dalston Street Feast have worked their charm on an area whose charm I once thought lay in the fact that it didn’t really have that much charm at all (and wasn’t trying to either) – Lewisham. 

Hoping for a revolution something like that achieved in Brixton Village – now a thriving gentrified hotspot with gourmet delights galore – the Street Feast team have created an open air eating, drinking and dancing experience in another disused market, but this one's incongruously in the heart of Lewisham.

5 reasons to get on yer bike this weekend

It’s Bike week

All this week so there are loads of great events happening all over the country. You can get involved charity bike rides, bike festivals, bicycle maintenance workshops and more. And there lots of activities for kids to enjoy too. Check out the full range of events here

The forecast is mighty fine

Free festival this week

There’s a free festival going on this week and coming weekend in Brockley, South London. Whether it’s music, theatre, film, comedy or art that you’re into there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy at this year’s Brockley Max Festival.

Weekend ride out of town

Sometimes it only takes getting out of London for the day to make you really feel like you’ve had a break at the weekend. And luckily, there are plenty of great places to visit inside of the M25.

Discovering hidden gems in Hackney Wick

As a West Londoner who has been gradually migrating southeast over the last few years, Hackney has often felt like a long way from home and a somewhat intimidating destination. That’s not to say I haven’t ventured there for the odd night out or cultural event. But I just haven’t put the time in to fully explore it organically.

Cycling Summer


Summer is most certainly trying to be in the air this week. Despite a few defiant spatterings of rain, more typical of April climes, cheerful sunny outbursts, balmy evenings and glorious sunsets have made up the bulk of May so far, bringing cyclists out in hordes and filling me with anticipation for the summer biking potential in the months ahead.

Cycling in London

By Jess Monson, Londoner born and bred, and LBTC blogger.


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