London Short Film Festival all this week

Christmas and New Year are done and dusted but the nights are still cold and long. I feel your pain. But don’t despair! In London there’s always something to warm the cockles and wile away those wintery hours.

Starting this weekend is the London Short Film Festival, returning for a 12th year of creative and thought-provoking entertainment, in short and sweet form. As The Guardian eloquently put it, with short films “"You [can] experience 20 things in the time it takes to watch The Hobbit. Take that Bilbo!"

London transport increase? Get into the saddle!

While the city is up in arms about the recent (and perpetual) price rises of London transport – 12 month rail passes are up by 2.5% along with a bunch of other increases across the board –  I continue to smugly ride my bike around the capital wondering why more people don’t take up this truly fantastic mode of transport. 

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Look no further...

It's that time of year again, when all us disorganised people start panicking about all the Christmas gifts we haven’t bought yet and how on earth to find that extra special  something for someone extra special. Don’t be alarmed, here at LBTC we have a couple of solutions for you. Here are some ideas for unique chrimbo gifts for bike bods and health fiends:

1.    See London together on a bicycle tour

Something festive this way comes.

With Halloween and bonfire night done and dusted Christmas is next on the agenda. Shops are busy putting gaudy decorations in the windows and that coca cola advert is already gracing our TV screens. Holidays are coming indeed.

Here at London Bicycle we’ve got the ideal family day out to get you well and truly into the festive spirit. On our Christmas Lights bike tour we’ll take you on a magical, sparkling, mystery tour around the best lights of London.

London in winter

When summer comes to an end it’s easy to slip into hibernatory ways and forget all the great things London has to offer when the nights draw in and your breath starts to crystallise on your tongue. But in a city that never sleeps hibernation ain’ t on the menu and there’s always something to warm the cockles in the depths of winter.

 Here are our there top reasons why Lonodn in winter is as unforgettable as it is at the height of summer.

1.   1. Fireside roasts at Olde English pubs

So yarn fun!

We are thrilled to be involved in a cockle-warming event today that even the coldest of October days couldn’t send a chill through. The Campaign for Wool is running a bicycle ride like no other today to start Wool week off with a blast. The Wool Ride, involving over 300 wool-loving cyclists from across the country, will be starting at Potters Field in London, at 9am sharp today (5th October).


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